D.T.H. Protective Services prides itself on being professional and providing the best possible service. We provide documentation of all transactions and a contract for each event. Contracts can also be established on a quarterly, semi annually or annual basis.

Our Services are available on an as needed basis to satisfy your individual business needs. Please feel free to contact us
at our 24 hour dispatch.

(803) 387-7305 or (803) 467-2807
or e-mail us at:DTHPROTECT@YAHOO.COM

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Establishing Your Security Needs

If you are asking questions about the security of your business, then you already know there is a need. Going without security is a risk your business cannot afford.

The safety of your patrons insures continued growth and success of your establishment. Our company provides discreet protection without interfering in daily operations. Our security coverage allows your patrons to feel relaxed and safe both inside and outside
of your establishment. Most people want a peaceful evening out and having D.T.H Protective Services as a part of your operations gives you and your patrons the peace and security needed.

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